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A project implemented by a consortium led by GFA Consulting Group GmbH

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Support to Regional Policy Implementation II

The overall objective of the Project is to support Government of Georgia in creating a favorable environment for the socio-economic development of the country and its territorial entities to overcome regional disparities.

The project will help to enhance Georgian regional development policy effectiveness by supporting the Ministry for Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) and other stakeholders in regional policy formulation and implementation in the context of better approximation of Georgia with applicable EU policies.

It will support MRDI in overall efficient implementation of the strategies for Regional Development and in increasing stakeholder capacities to implement an integrated regional development policy framework throughout the country. The project will further assist MRDI and stakeholders to improve their capacities in monitoring and evaluation in the field of regional policy. EU’s best practice for enhancing the Beneficiary’s capacities will be shared. Stakeholders will also be supported in establishing and maintaining improved data collection mechanisms for collecting up-to-date statistics regarding the regional development including disparity analysis. The project, according to the EU best practices, will also be guiding MRDI in setting up Regional Development Agencies, including capacity building activities.

Georgia´s 12 regions:

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EUD Georgia mandated a consortium of three private EU companies with the implementation of the project: GFA Consulting Group (Germany), GIZ-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Germany) and Altus Investment Ltd. (Hungary). The project is foreseen to be implemented between September 2016 and September 2018.  The activities  will be implemented by several international and national experts with thorough expertise in the field of regional development and EU cohesion policies.

The project comprises three components with the following activities:

Component 1 - Policy formulation and implementation:

·  Review of all relevant policies and strategies;

·  Support in drafting future programming and strategic assignments;

·  Support in developing capacities via sharing EU best practice, through trainings (including study visits and ToTs) for national, regional and local actors in regional policy implementation process;

·  Support in drafting and enhancing stakeholder’s capacities for drafting relevant reports concerning regional policy implementation process;

Component 2 Monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation

·  Supporting setting up functional secretariat under the GCRD interagency working group on RDP monitoring ;

·  Support in drafting monitoring reports regarding the regional policy implementation complemented with capacity building activities as applicable;

·  Support in establishing effective data collection mechanism;

·  Support in developing capacities via sharing EU best practice, through trainings (including study visits) for national, regional and local actors in regional policy implementation and monitoring process.

Component 3. Support Regional Development Agencies

·  Assist MRDI and relevant stakeholders in implementing Conceptual Methodology Framework on Creation and Effective Operation of Regional Development Agencies;

·  Support in developing RDAs human and organizational capacities;

·  Support RDAs in drafting/modifying region specific strategies, action plans and/or other operational/programming assignments and preparing local investment projects

Target groups of the project are: the staff of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Regional Governors' Offices staff, municipal elected representatives and civil servants, representatives of the Parliament and the civil society (in particular NGOs and the business community).