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On 1-3 May 2019 Conference on Prospects of Statistical Division of Georgia in Line with NUTS Eurostat Methodology was held in Tbilisi. The event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia with the support of the European Union. the workshop gathered concerned stakeholders to discuss the prospects of introduction of NUTS classification in Georgia.
The aim of the conference was to identify the prospects for gradual approximation of the Georgian territorial development tools with the EU Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) and its forms. The conference was opened with the brief update on the Regional policy in Georgia and NUTS, which was followed by recent works of GEOSTAT, presenting available statistical data in the context of regional policy needs.
The conference was attended by two international experts delivering presentations to Georgian officials the NUTS methodology and its practical application in two Members States: Portugal and Croatia (new member state).
NUTS division as an instrument of Cohesion policy – video conference was delivered by Mr. Oliver Mueller, representative of EUROSTAT.
Based on the official communication with the European side, EU is ready to provide technical assistance to Georgian territorial units for possible introduction of NUTS, including via conducting the relevant study(ies).


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On 21st of September 2018 International Conference on Regional Development Policy in Georgia was held in Tbilisi. The event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia with the support of the European Union.

Opening remarks at the conference were delivered by Ms. Maya Tskitishvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure. She shortly described the processes concerning the progress in the field of regional development in Georgia. She thanked all the participants of the conference for attending and foreign partners from EUD and European Commission for sharing and supporting in terms of transferring the EU best practice in all possible directions, those, which complement implementation of the regional development policy in Georgia. Mrs. Tskitishvili stressed on the importance of the newly approved by the GoG 2018-2021 Regional Development Programme of Georgia and the preparation of the Decentralization Strategy, the implementation of which will ensure the stable regional development aiming at the eradication of existing disparities among the regions of Georgia and strengthening of local authorities.
Mr. Mathieu Bousquet, Head of Unit, Directorate C - Neighbourhood East - Georgia, Moldova and Neighbourhood Cross-Border Cooperation, DG NEAR stressed the importance of the debate about the source, shape and prospects of Georgia's regional policy and expressed his satisfaction for participating in the conference. He thanked the minister for the long-standing cooperation with Georgia on territorial development issues. He emphasized that situation of the country is much better than it was 15 years ago. There is high rate of socio- economic growth but disparities still remain, and the base of poverty reduction has been more limited than expected. Mr. Bosquet encouraged participants to and speakers to share experiences in order to establish most efficient ways of further support towards solving existing socio-economic problems in specific Georgia's territories.
During the Conference, among others, were presented:
• information about tangible results of Regional Development Programme 2015-2017, which was the first of its kind strategic document on regional policy in Georgia co-financed through the budget support scheme by the EU. Implementation of the Programme allowed for realization of many concrete projects increasing capacity to growth of regions outside Tbilisi and Adjara and contributed to increase in institutional capacity of Georgian Administration especially in such areas like programming interinstitutional coordination and monitoring of regional policy implementation;
• "2018-2021 Regional Development Programme of Georgia " recently adopted by the GoG setting Georgian regional policy development goals and priorities for public actions in order to decrease socio-economic disparities and improve prospects for growth, investment and employment in Georgian regions;
• the concept of EU supported Pilot Integrated Regional Development Programme to be realized in four planning regions in Georgia (Kacheti, Imereti, Racha Lechumi and Guria). The Programme will allow realisation, in line with the EU Cohesion Policy standards and principles (including partnership and decentralisation) of many important projects covering various areas (SMEs, basic infrastructure and services, human resources development) which in line with already realized sectoral programmes and projects will boost investment and employment in targeted regions.
At the conference speeches were delivered by the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia in relation of rural development in the framework of regional development policy, Director of the Enterprise Georgia on new development initiatives for increasing the potential of Georgian Regions and local SMEs, Head of the Georgian Agency for Innovations and Technology on innovative policy developments in Georgian regions, the representatives of European Commission (DG REGIO and DG NEAR), experts of the TA project "Support to Regional Development policy Implementation II" and other experts.
Mr. Vincent Rey, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Georgia made the final remarks and pointed out that with the joint work of the Ministry, development partners, other institutions and the EU TA project team the diagnosis of existing challenges, imbalance and opportunities of the regions are known. He stressed the importance of the new 2018-2021 Regional Development Programme and the possible decentralization strategy, developed regional strategies and action plans. He outlined that after number of lessons learnt and good experience in more sub sectors of development programs additional measures that fit territories are in place. There are many good practices from EU member states how to structure the regional policy and it is a good opportunity for Georgia to address specific circumstances, needs and strengths.

Please find the presentations of the speakers in "Documents"  in the dropdown menu of this website. 



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Public consultation process of the draft RDP 2018-2021 is under way. It started with the first meeting held in Tbilisi on 6 February. Two more gatherings were held - on 7 February 2018 in Mtsketa Municpality and on 15 February 2018 in Kutaisi City Municipality. The meetings were attended by representatives of the governors' offices, municipalities, business member organisations and other non-state actors (donors, research institutes, NGO's, etc.).

The overall objective of the RDP 2018-2021 public consultations is to increase transparency of the public policy making in Georgia. The meetings also help receive inputs allowing better targeting of the needs of the regions and capture necessary feedback from stakeholders to validate the relevance of opportunities and funding that the Programme offers. At the meetings main findings of the report on Socio-Economic and Territorial Disparities of Georgia were also shared with the participants. The report had been elaborated within the EU funded TA project "Support to Regional Development Policy Implementation II".

Both meetings were facilitated by the TA team with strong chairmanship assured by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI). Speakers were:

Mr. Revaz Kakulia – Head of Department of European Integration and Reforms Assistance at MRDI
Mr. Giorgi Dididze – Deputy Head of the Department of European Integration and Reforms Assistance at MRDI
Mr. Giorgi Kezherashvili - Head of Division of Reforms and Strategic Programming of MRDI
Mr. Piotrz Zuber - Team Leader, Support to Regional Development Policy II - Georgia
Mr. Tomasz Kilianski - Key Expert, Support to Regional Development Policy II – Georgia
Mr. Zaza Chelidze – Senior Expert, Support to Regional Development Policy II – Georgia



Future of Local Self-Government in Georgia

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Future of Local Self-Government in Georgia

An open meeting was held at the Georgian Parliament on 5 March 2018 to discuss broader vision for the development of local self-governance in Georgia. The event brought high-level officials, including the Parliament Speaker (Mr Irakli Kobakhidze), the Prime Minister (Mr Giorgi Kvirikashvili), the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure (Mr Zurab Alavidze), his First Deputy (Mr Irakli Matkava), MPs, donor-funded projects, experts and NGOs.

Mid-term vision of the future development of local self-government was presented during the meeting which is expected to extend more authorities and resources to the local level alongside associated capacity building - all in the context of more balanced and equitable regional and territorial development policies that aim to engage with people and organisation in their constituencies.

The meeting was held under the auspicious of UNDP.


Project Outputs and Presentations

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The documents elaborated within the EU TA project "Support to Regional Development and Policy Implementation II" and presentations from the conference on 7th December 2017 can be downloaded from the link below: 



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Within the EU funded project "Support to Regional Development Policy Implementation II" a study trip of senior Georgian regional development officials to Slovenia was organized on 5-11 November 2017.
The study visit was arranged in the context of on-going work on the development of RDP 2018-2021 in order to familiarise the delegates representing relevant RDP stakeholders with planning and implementation of regional policy and coordination mechanisms with other policies and programmes (e.g. economic development, innovation, smart specialisation, spatial planning, local development, employment, etc.).
There were 10 delegates from the following Georgian public institutions being key actors or stakeholders of the RDP 2015-2017 partaking in the study visit: Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgian Tourism Administration, Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency and Produce in Georgia Agency.
The participants were assisted by TA team members: Mr Piotr Zuber (TL), Mr Tomasz Kilianski (KE2), Mr Zviad Archuadze (LTNKE) and Mr Edin Mehmeti (Project Manager).
On the first day the study trip participants were received by the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy of the Republic of Slovenia. The national structural policy coordination office representatives provided briefing about policy context, role of EU funding, institutional framework evolution and coordination mechanisms with regional and local stakeholders and beneficiaries. During the meeting the delegates could also get familiar with intervention measure mix covering various aspects of regional policy and smart specialisation, project selection criteria, cost benefit analysis, etc.
During the study trip the meetings were organized with the following institutions: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, Association of Regional Development Agencies of Slovenia, Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region, the Technology Park Ljubljana and Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training.
Three field visits were organized to Municipalities of Nova Gorica, Posoški razvojni centre in Tolmin and City Maribor. Two institutions were visited in Maribor: Slovene Enterprise Fund and Stajerska Chamber of Commerce.
The area of interest covered the following issues: Cooperation and implementation of joint projects financed by EU; methodology of preparation of policy and strategies; interrelation of regional development agencies, local action groups (LAG) and municipalities; Hierarchy among national strategies (e.g. rural development, regional development and etc.); business support institutions, schemes and instruments in terms of regional development; human capital improvement approaches.
The study trip was considered as a good opportunity for Georgian and Slovenian sides to establish institutional interaction and communications in the future.


web photo2On 7th December, 2017 a joint event of two EU funded projects: TA project "Support to Regional Development Policy Implementation II" & "Advancing Regions for Sustainable Development" was held in Hotel Radisson Blue Iveria (1 Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi). The event started with the opening remarks by Mr. Irakli Matkava, First Deputy Minister of MRDI, Mr. Kaido Sirel - Deputy Head of Cooperation, Delegation of the European Union to Georgia and the team leaders of two EU funded projects.
At the event, newly launched project "Advancing Regions for Sustainable Development" (ARSD) was presented.
The major part of the event was devoted to the presentation of the studies and analyses prepared in the process of formulation of the Regional Development Programme of Georgia 2018-2021 (RDP) within the EU funded TA project "Support to Regional Development Policy Implementation II": Report on "Socio-Economic and Territorial Disparities of Georgia", report on "Coherence between National Strategies, Regional Development Policy Strategies and Plans"; report on the "Co-ordination of Regional Development Policy in Georgia"; "Map of Functions of Institutions in Regard to Regional Development"; report presenting "Assessment and Recommendations of RDP Monitoring System".
The meeting was attended by the representatives of line Ministries as well as Governors' Offices, representatives from the EU Delegation to Georgia, other donor organisations present in Georgia, local NGOs, civil society, academic and other stakeholders.

The documents presented at the event can be downloaded from this website through the category "Documents". Please see the drop-down menus at the top of this page.


image-0-02-05-972baf5e6a0a08043ec13253b631012eed8cd9683bc1a41f7dcda36cbacdb4a6-VOn 20-21 July, 2017 a workshop on preparation of 2018-2020 Regional Development Programme was organized in Rixos Borjomi, Georgia. The workshop was the first phase for preparation of RDP 2018-2020 and for setting up agenda of works for individual ministries and state institutions in order to accomplish preparation of RDP. At the end of the meeting on the basis of agreed challenges, objectives and coordination mechanisms first attempt to set new list of output and result indicators was made.
The workshop was facilitated by TA team with strong chairmanship assured by MRDI. This enabled the project team to build strong bonds among the team as well as the key stakeholders. The output of the seminar was the consensus among parties concerning the overall vision of some essential elements of the regional policy in Georgia and RDP 2018-2020 in particular.
The workshop was attended by 40 participants including Inter-ministerial WG on RDP programming, representatives of other state institutions and TA team.

Speakers were:

Dr. Piotr Zuber - Project Team Leader, SRDPI II

Mr. Tomasz Kilianski - Project Senior Key Expert, SRDPI II

Mr. Witold Sartorius – Project Senior Expert, SRDPI II

Mrs. Danuta Jablonska – Project Senior Expert, SRDPI II

Mr. Zviad Archuadze – Project Key Expert, SRDPI II

Mr. Zaza Chelidze – Project Senior Expert, SRDPI II

Mr. Revaz Kakulia - Department for Promotion of Eurointegration and Reforms


Workshop on Institutional Setup of Regional Policy

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21849302 10209838068723663 1738618279 nOn 29 June, 2017 a workshop on European practice of managing the policy cycle and defining the scope and institutional setup of regional policy was organized in Betsy's Hotel,Tbilisi.
The workshop was supposed to help formulating regional policy of Georgia and programming the Regional Development Programme 2018-2020 by identifying concepts, showing European practice and clarifying options, establishing the common vocabulary and also offering the participants an informal opportunity for stock-taking the strategic context of the programming exercise. The workshop was the first training event of the capacity building efforts of the Support to Regional Develop¬ment Policy Implementation II project.


Speakers were:
Mr. tamas Tétényi - Project Senior Expert, Altus Consulting
Mr. Giorgi kezherashvili – Head of Division of Reforms and Strategic Programming of MRDI
Mr. David kalatozishvili – Head of Division of European Integration


21886635 10209837968201150 801654438 oOn 28th of June, 2017 the Second Workshop on Monitoring System with relevant institutions responsible for the monitoring of 2015-2017 Regional Development Programme (RDP), including members of the RDP Inter-Ministerial Working Group, was organized in Betsy's hotel,Tbilisi.

The aim of the workshop was to develop a comprehensive monitoring system enabling effective realization of the regional development policy and measuring the results of the interventions. During the workshop methods of defining result indicators were presented and discussed. Practical learning exercises enabled participants to understand the role of result indicators in the monitoring and evaluation of the Programme.



Speakers were:

Mrs. Danuta Jablonska – Project Senior Expert, GFA Consulting Group

Mr. Tomasz Kilianski – Project Key Expert, GFA Consulting Group

Mr. Tamas Tetenyi - Project Senior Expert, Altus Consulting

Mr. Giorgi kezherashvili – Head of Division of Reforms and Strategic Programming of MRDI

Mr. David kalatozishvili – Head of Division of European Integration