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Events Calendar


Presentation - How to strengthen citizen’s commitment to development – creation of multilevel governance system - Pawel Swianiewicz

Presentation - Regional Development in Georgia Michael Ralph

Presentation - Pilot Integrated Regional Development Programme in Georgia - Piotr Zuber 21.09.18

Presentation - RDP 2018-2021_Pesentation GEO Revaz Kakulia 21.09.18-compressed

Presentation - Regional Development Challenges in Georgia -T Kilianski 21.09.18

Presentation - SME Support in Regions 21.09.18

Presentation -Regional Policy as a tool for EU integration and sustainable development of Georgia -Mathieu Bousquet 21.09.18

Presentation -Results and Achievements of Regional Development Programme 2015-2017 - MRDI Giorgi Dididze 21.09.18

Presentation - Adjustments of Georgia regional policy to EU cohesion policy -J Szlachta 21.09.18

Presentation -The system of regional development planning strategies, action plans and instruments - GIZ Archil Zhorzholiani 21.09.18

 Short Version of the Regional Development Programme of Georgia 2018-2021

Draft Regional Development Programme of Georgia 2018-2021 (As of January 2018 for Public Consultation Meetings)

 Socio-economic and Territorial Disparities of Georgia

Analysis of Coherence, Gaps and Overlaps between Strategies and Plans Important from Regional Development Policy Perspective

 Map of Functions of Institutions in Regard to Regional Development


Joint Presentation on Studies (Developed within SRDPI II Project)

Presentation on Regional Disparities (Developed within SRDPI II project)

General Presentation on 2018-2021 RDP (Developed within SRDPI II project)

Regional Disparities in Georgia - Executive summary (Developed within the first phase of SRDPI project)

Report on Regional Disparities in Georgia (Developed within the first phase of SRDPI project) (full report)

Regional Development Programme of Georgia 2015-2017

RDP Measure Sheets and Financial Table

Monitoring Plan for the Implementation of the Regional Development Program of Georgia for 2015-2017